Hello world!

They say third time’s a charm. So here I am again. I’ve previously tried to start and maintain blogs a couple times. With each attempt, I have created and subsequently neglected them, relegating them to the far reaches of cyberspace. I don’t lack for blog-content; that’s not my excuse. I really can’t say I lack for time because … don’t we all? Admittedly, I DO lack for know-how! Growing up, however, my mother’s mantra was always, “You can’t learn any younger!” OK. There’s some wisdom to that. I can do this, right?

Within the entries of this blog, you’ll find my musings on various life events, almost all of which will very likely sound mundane, maybe even insignificant. But as I live each day in the mundane, wiping noses, washing endless piles of laundry, cooking, cleaning, teaching, and transporting, I am beginning to realize just how significant each moment can truly be.

As I look upon these moments through my own eyes, I tend to take them and the associated people, places, and things for granted. They’ve always been there. I assume they always WILL be there. Have you ever noticed that the eyes of a child don’t SEE that way? Things are NEW, moments are GRAND, life is EXCITING! Really, put paper towels and a Windex bottle in the hands of a five year-old and they are more than enthusiastic to wash every window they can both see and reach! And when that same child is given the same mundane task in three months, it will be completed with that same level of zeal! Is it that they are programmed to live well in the moment? To find significance in the mundane?

“Hey, Mommy! Look!! I’m done! What now?” Owen calls over his shoulder to me. What NOW? Can you help me with this blog? =) Stick near me, Son. I’m learning a lot from you!


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