Weekly Writing Challenge: Fishing on WordPress (or Why I Love WordPress.com)

I’m hooked.

While blogging became popular quite some time ago, I have only recently taken the bait and can readily admit that it’s gotten a hold of me – hook, line and proverbial sinker. Why?  Read on, please!

  1. Creative Expression – Sharing opinions, values, and beliefs have always come easy to me. WordPress allows for an expressive outlet where one can do just that, as a fisherman chooses where to fish, the type of boat, the lure, and the direction in which to cast the bait.
  2. Leisurely Preparation – Writing is a form of communication that does not require a prompt reply or a quick wit, affording the writer time in preparing a new blog entry. As with reeling in that big fish, time and patience  can often be advantageous.
  3. Publishing Aspiration – Me? Published? It’s a dream I’ve had. WordPress provides both practice and potential. And any skilled fisherman will explain that both are necessary for success.
  4. Subject Inspiration – The sea holds over two million species of fish! WordPress emulates that with the numerous and diversified challenges made available to their bloggers. Coming up with an empty net as one sits down to blog is nearly impossible.
  5. Pleasant Conversation – Encouragement abounds at WordPress! There is value to both readers and their friendly discourse, just as there is value in securing enjoyable fishing companions.
  6. Daily Anticipation – I admit it … I’m a stats-junkie! I check my stats daily and love seeing them go up as new entries are published, but there aren’t any fabricated BIG FISH stories when I report back to my family and friends.
  7. Knowledge Acquisition – Try catching a Lanternfish in a small, shallow lake. Without the knowledge that they don’t exist there, the experience will be disappointing. Just as an experienced fisherman would instruct you to pursue perch in a lake, WordPress provides the knowledge you need to launch a great blog site!
  8. Ongoing Transformation – Like having a chef prepare a fresh catch, meeting other aspiring writers on WordPress is conducive to transforming blog entries into something more pleasing and  palatable on the plate.
  9. Friendly Opposition – Respectful dialogue takes place even when obvious opposition occurs,  mimicking a taut line going momentarily slack only to be pulled taut again as both the fish and fisherman tug to determining the outcome.
  10. Faithful Devotion – There’s no question … I love my Great Big God and WordPress gives me an awesome avenue to proclaim Him to others! He tells us to be Fishers of men, so here I am fishing on WordPress.  Have I caught you yet, Dear Reader?  If you’ve at least considered the bait, please let me know! After all, I’d hate to leave you floundering.

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