Hey! Welcome to my blog. My name is Amy. I reside in a very small town in Minnesota with my husband of 19 years and my three sons. (Don’t start humming that famous tune … I really have FOUR sons but Ian, the oldest of the pack, currently resides at college.) The boys that remain in our modest den, a home created with love, encouragement, acceptance, discipline, and decorated with mercy, are are Isaac, Aidan, and Owen. At 17 years old, Isaac is a handsome, witty, and physically gifted young man-cub who loves to push limits. I blame the limit pushing on genetics! Then there is my eight year old Aidan. He loves superheros and villains simultaneously and would be the first to tell you he is a video game junkie! Operating within the realm of high-functioning autism, he will sometimes grasp very complicated scenarios or subjects while being confuddled at the simplest of statements three minutes later. I often wonder if Aidan will be gifted with never seeing the mundane, although in just third grade he already laments the necessity of practicing math facts. Excluding our puppy, Owen is the youngest in this den of boys! He is energetic, enthusiastic, and wonderfully playful with just a touch of sinister mixed in. If he’s quiet for stretches longer than five minutes, there is no doubt he can be found exploring the options in life that most of us never consider. This morning that would have been eating dog food!

If a husband and four sons didn’t already fill the den with an overabundance of testosterone, we added a male puppy to the pack about four weeks ago! Dutch is a drop-dead gorgeous Vizsla pup who is quickly showing us that there is never really a GOOD time to be sitting down! =) We are all working hard, training him in the hopes that he will one day realize where he should run, when he should jump, and what he CAN eat (furniture and small children excluded!) Dutch is a little lover though and I suspect that he will still consider himself a lapdog long after that time has come and gone!

Our heavily-wooded, five acre lot is often peaceful, tranquil, serene; And yet it provides all these men room to run, nature to explore, and extreme weather to behold (and shovel!). Our den can bear witness to the many varied life choices we have made while here including homebirthing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, non-vaxing, baby wearing, and homeschooling. The greatest life lessons come from branching out, growing beyond our conceived limits, and our choices have helped us to do both – learn and grow.

My greatest commitment would be to my Lord. He alone has placed me in this moment of life, blessed me abundantly with a home, health, family, and friends, and it is He whose presence I seek every minute of every day. To live life without him would be both futile and unfulfilling. It is the very life He has blessed me with that I talk about in the pages of my blog. Thank you, Christ, for Who You are and what You’ve done for me.


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  1. Welcome Amy!!!!

  2. Thanks for following my blog.. I also live in Minnesota, small world. 🙂

    • Sweet!! Your blog is very inspiring. To have lived through all you have and still come out proclaiming the name of Christ … I hope for that strength and grace if I’m ever given the need. But I pray mostly that I won’t ever have the need. Blessings to you!!

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement. 🙂 Yes, I pray you don’t have to go through some of those things too. ..of course, He gives us strength when we least expect it, and going through things, makes us who we are today. For many years, way too many, I didn’t even know it was possible to have a real relationship with the Lord, much less to know beyond doubt, that He really loves me! God is truly faithful. Although I know I’ve gone through hard things, my stuff is so nothing compared to SO many. and I have much to be thankful for. Blessings to you as well. 🙂

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