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Travel Theme: On Display

My travel is often limited to intrastate. This post hails from the northern regions of Minnesota as seen during the hot, humid  summer months when beauty absolutely abounds! 




“Can I have a cookie?” he asks with a gleaming ice-cream grin!

[I’m guessing he doesn’t need more sugar!]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


What makes me happy?  Easy …. Family, Friends, Seasons, Signs, and Silliness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foliage

Amazingly, beautifully created !

Of Lady Trees and Beautiful Things!

When our local elementary school closed unexpectedly due to a power outage last week, the day that I had planned looked nothing like I had anticipated! I found it challenging to balance the class load of my high school senior taking college courses from home, my eight and five year olds who really find the thrill of the day in interrupting everyone else’s life with goofy stories and endless questions, and an 11 week old puppy who loves attention and will do almost anything to get it, including eating the kitchen cupboards and leaving random puddles for me to discover with my socks!

The evening prior to this chaos included a study of Scripture regarding significance with a group of ladies from church. It was of no surprise then that as I muddled through the following day attending to each task as it sprouted from the necessities of those in our home, I found myself wondering, “Could my life ever be one of significance? I feel so overwhelmed just completing the mundane tasks before me.”

I got the answer to that question shortly after dinner that same evening while I cleaned the food-laden hands of my five year-old son as he declared, “Look at the TREES, Mommy!! Aren’t they beautiful? They must be LADY trees!”  🙂  I paused to consider the notion that when he sees something of beauty, he relates it to the feminine gender which is a trait that I believe uncommon in such a young tyke.  I smiled at my littlest man, appreciating the blessings he brings to my life with the words that flow freely and humorously from him every day!

The fact that he readily recognized the beauty in trees should not have surprised me at all since I see that as a common trait in him. He notes the beauty of the sun as it eclipses the hill; the smile on the face of the baby passing by in her mother’s arms;  the lyrics and melody of the song on the radio; and the dresses that I wear (at least on special occasions!).

As I contemplated his notion of beautiful trees being lady trees later that evening, I realized that he sees the BEAUTY and SIGNIFICANCE in what I’ve been seeing as the every day; the mundane. And it became clear that he esteems ME in the same way; beautiful and significant … not just because I’m a lady, but also because I’m his MOM – his object of love, a person who helps him through his day, one who rescues him from himself!  (And if you KNOW him, you know that last one is very necessary!)

Yes ~ I have my answer. Me, my life;  I AM significant already. I need only to LOOK with fresh eyes; the same eyes that see the beauty in a tree, a sunset, a baby’s smile, a song, and a dress. Those fresh eyes will give me a new lease on life every morning I wake up as I allow myself the blessings of seeing beauty and significance in my everyday surroundings.

What can you see differently today?  I’d love to hear about it!